The story goes something like this: I wrote a book, but couldn’t find an agent.

Or, I wrote a book, but…

I’m a good storyteller, but…

It’s really a great story, but…

Get rid of the “but…”!

The only one who has to believe in your story is you. Some will like it, some won’t. Agents may pass on it, publishers are inundated and may never read it.

You took the time to put a story together that was internally screaming to be heard and you wrote it down to share with others. So share! Give life to your story.

You wrote what you love! Own it, love it, believe in it! Never give up on it and if you love it enough, you will release it to the world as an independent publisher and to hell with the gatekeepers of the big publishing world.

We are now blessed with technology allowing all authors to finally be published. No shackles or bars, no waiting for acceptance in publishing.

Writers of the world, our time has come!

I’m showing you mine!

I believe in you.

Show me yours!

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