I have often wondered if I were given a choice ~ would I allow aliens to take me? I have imagined a spacecraft landing just steps from my front door and offer to show me their planet and tour the galaxy. My answer would be yes, after I asked a few questions.

Where is your planet? Is it in our solar system? If not which arm of our galaxy? Or is it in another galaxy? Can I survive in your atmosphere? How long will it take, and what will my food substance be? How long will I stay? Do you eat humans? Now that last one is strictly coming from the “To Serve Man” episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, which terrified me as a child. Should I ask such a question? Of course! You need to ask to be certain you will have a safe flight, right?

Since the history of mankind there has been a belief in the “Sky People.” Almost every country on Earth has found pictures in caves or ornate pyramids, and other structures built to honor them. Aliens are part of our history that can’t be denied. Did aliens come and build great civilizations and then leave Earth for another planet? Or were the civilizations already here and cultivated by the aliens then taken? Were our human ancestors asked to leave with them or taken by force?

So many unanswered questions about the involvement of aliens in our ancient times adds to the mystery of “why are they here”, and what part do they play in what we have become. Still I have to say, if asked permission to take me on the space flight of my lifetime, my curiosity would demand I say yes!”

What would you do?

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