Barbara Unger

Rosa DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo

Ellen McCarthy

Matt McCarthy

Griffin MccCarthy

Madison Coleman

Jillian Coleman Stalworth

Michael Stalworth

Prime Minister Eric Arrthur

Margaret Arthur

Ron Ashcroft

Amy Langer

Shahida Wylie

Leon Garland

Logan Mann
Mary Winslow

Chaz Blakely

Brody Myers

Sean Anaba

Sandra Anaba

President Odom

Ambassador Tuchu





Ambassador Ohmm

King Uticle Kring

Prince Uticle Kring

Majew Kring

Lurcro Kring

Jamral Frig


Queen Tor Am'Tatey

King Yoog Ka

Counselor Vaaz


President of the United States

President of the United Pyramid City of Planet Nuur

Contractor and Rosa DeAngelo's husband

Young mother who escaped the biotent in Los Alamitos.  Now an "ET Ear" for the government

Los Alimitos Police Detective, Ellen's husband

Ellen and Matt's human son, now 13

Secretary of Defense, ex-husband of President Unger
Madison's daughter

Jillian's husband

Prime Minister of England

Prime Minister's wife

SS Agent, current Commander ET of OETCC

Ron Ashcroft's SS partner, current Lt. Commander of OETCC

CIA Director

Homeland Security Director

Pyramid Security

Friend of Rosa's

DJ from the BBC, current head of Pyramid new & entertainment

Young security guard

Code Talker

Sean's Mother

Presidet of planet Welcome, Guardians Planet

Guardian Ambassador and Original Gray

Guadrian Sub-Commander

Gray male makes his way to Pyramid City w deserters

Gray femal deserts with Gar

Gray representative of the Nursemaids, abandoned by Gray's

Ambassador from planet Ja

King of the Ja

King Kring's son

A Ja emissary Prince Uticle Kring's son

Majew's brother and eldest son or Prince Uticle Kring

Ja Warrior

Ja Investigative Services (JIS) 

Queen of planet Shay Gallum

King of planet Goi

Cazzum City/Nurrian leader

Secretary to Counselor Vaaz








  • Biotent: A tent like organic covering which creates its own environment, isolating humans or other entities within its protection. Biotents regulate there own growth (expansion and contraction) and internal environment depending on the needs of the life forms within its shelter. 

  • Goi-yans: The Goiyans area powerful, technically advanced friendly alien species. 

  • Grays: Resembling the classic alien form, the Grays according to the book Earth's Ultimate Conflict, are Nuurians from the planet Nuur.

  • Guardians: Are a peaceful alien species from a peaceful planet in a distant solar system within the Milky Way.

  • Minot ETC: Similar to Area 51, and Wright Patterson AFB, Minot ETC (Extra Terrestrial Compound), is an elite top secret government installation run by OETCC, hidden beneath ICBM missile silo's near Minot, ND. Admission of OETCC's existence by the United States Government is on a need to know basis.

  • Nuur: Is a planet located in the galaxy Sagittarius; our next closest galaxy.

  • Nuur-ians: Nuurians are alien entities from the Planet Nuur, also known as the Grays.

  • O-bo-li-an: Obolians are another alien species, who's DNA was pillaged by the Grays causing their extinction.

  • OETCC: Office of Extraterrestrial Command and Control, a classified top secret government agency.

  • Pod-mo-nia: Podmonia are an alien insect species from the planet Nuur, similar to earth's cockroach.

  • SEAS: Severe Environmental Allergy Syndrome, a mysterious illness which is usually detected in the aftermath of a UFO swarm.


  • The D’Ooooz. There is little known about this species. They have glowing white skin, wear robes and are also known as the “People of Light.” Noted for floating freely in space or popping into your spacecraft, stating, “I am here,” as if they had been invited. Throughout the Universe it is known that if there is imbalance, you will eventually have to pay your dues to the D’Ooooz.

  • Goiyans are a short species, but taller and huskier than the Guardians. They have small eyes and mouths that appear even smaller because of their bulbous lumpy heads and wide chins. Much like a Santa’s beard, the Goiyan chin is pliable and soft, but huge. The Goiyan women’s chins are half the size of the males. Goiyans’ adoration and loyalty to their wives is legendary in our Galaxy.

  • The tall Grays are known as the abductors. They have tall, very thin, large, almond-shaped, non-reflective black eyes. They have small mouths and a slightly raised nose, with slits for nostrils. Their hands have three long fingers and an opposing thumb. Telepathy is their primary method of communication. They are not allowed to show emotion.

  • Guardians are small species from the Planet Welcome. They are a light milky gray, with large eyes and pupils, four fingers and an opposing thumb. Very childlike in size and enthusiasm toward humans. Most Guardians are bald.

  • The Ja have a snake-like, elongated face and a tuft of hair that looks like the tip of an artist’s paintbrush sticking out of the top of their heads, in various colors. Their eyes, similar to humans, are a pale-purple, and their skin is a light greenish- purple color. They have only a hint of shoulders, with long, thin arms. When angered, they flare out a spiny, webbed collar and spit deadly purple venom.

  • Nuurians are a tall species with sun-kissed, golden beige skin, long flowing white hair touched with golden highlights, large-shaped eyes, rimmed with golden white lashes and golden irises.

  • Shaglums are from planet Shay Gallum. Both genders have silky, waist-length hair. Their hair, skin, and eyes may be monochromatic orange, yellow, blue, green, or purple depending on their season. They have humanoid, but long faces, thin lips, and long gums—no teeth. Their eyelids have a heavy downward slant with spiny eyelashes. They are a strange and sensual people.


  • Goi: This is planet is rich in vital minerals and metals. They take pride in their indestructible dwellings, their technology and weapons. They believe that their strength creates peace.

  • Ja: An inside-out planet. Covered in several miles of dense gas, the surface is completely of water. The Ja live on the inner surface, with a large gaseous sun inside. The Ja had never experienced darkness until they left the interior of their planet.

  • Nuur: This planet’s cities are in large pyramid structures or domes, due to sporadic strong seismic activity and hurricane-like storms.

  • Shay Gallum: Mostly water-covered, the Shaglums are comfortable on land or sea, and change color with the seasons. The shores are covered in glowing, colorful tropical cities.

  • Welcome: Lushly covered in forest, much of the population lives on the opulent Ring of Cities, which float several miles above the surface. 


  • ET Ear:  Any former abductees who retained the ability to connect with and hear the telepathic stream of the Grays when they are near. They work for OETCC. 

  • Galactic Union:  Planets dedicated maintaining peace in the universe. They share technology and weapons for the protection of all planets in the union. 

  • Gray Guardians:  A group of humans guided by the Guardians protecting Earth from the Grays. 

  • OETCC:  Office of Extraterrestrial Command and Control. This was a US government agency set in motion covertly by the Grays. Humans worked with the Grays covering up any UFO sightings and spreading disinformation to the public. Often called Men In Black they believed they were on a mission to save mankind.

  • United Alliance of Planets:  The Alliance governs and regulates trade between planets.