Barbara Unger

Rosa DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo

Ellen McCarthy

Matt McCarthy

Griffin MccCarthy

Madison Coleman

Aaron Jackson

Marlee Jackson

Howie Levy

Jason Levy

Ron Ashcroft

Amy Langer

Connie Salamida

Jon Mann

Tina Collucci
Dr. Morgan Prins

Anthony Salamida

Holly Mitchell
Senator Robert Donahue

Roy Morrison


General Archer

Dr. Anderson Wizener
Andrew Jackson

Logan Mann

Mary Winslow


Ambassador Tuchu





Commander Xio










Commander Iyan

President of the United States

President of the United Pyramid City of Planet Nuur

Contractor and Rosa DeAngelo's husband

Young mother who escaped the biotent in Los Alamitos.  Now an "ET Ear" for the government

Los Alimitos Police Detective, Ellen's husband

Ellen and Matt's human son, now 13

Secretary of Defense, ex-husband of President Unger
Matt McCarthy's partner

Aaron Jackson's wife

Joint Forces Training Base Medic
Howie Levy's brother, nurse at Los Alimitos Medican Centerl

Secret Service agent

Ron Ashcroft's SS partner, current Lt. Commander of OETCC
Rosa DeAngelo's friend

Musician, Connie's boyfriend
Waitress, went to school with Rosa

Science Advisor to President Unger
CDC Liaison to the Pentagon, Rosa's brother

President Unger's friend

President Unger's friend
CDC Doctor & Investigative Research

CDC Nurse & Invetstigative Research

METC Security Officer

METC Science Team

Ufologist, Aaron's brother

Biotent, New Orleans

Biotent, Seattle

Child caregiver

Guardian Ambassador and Original Gray


Fruke's wife, mother of Fox and Dana

Andrew Jackson's friend

Guardian Ambassador

Guardian (female)

Nursemaid, friend of Tuchu

Nursemain (male)

Elder (male)

Looc's Assistant (female)



Nursemaid to Ellen's hybrid children (female)

Nursemaid to Rosa's hybrid children (female)

Nursemaid (male)

Goiyan Warship Commander





  • Biotent: A tent like organic covering which creates its own environment, isolating humans or other entities within its protection. Biotents regulate there own growth (expansion and contraction) and internal environment depending on the needs of the life forms within its shelter. 

  • Goi-yans: The Goiyans area powerful, technically advanced friendly alien species. 

  • Grays: Resembling the classic alien form, the Grays according to the book Earth's Ultimate Conflict, are Nuurians from the planet Nuur.

  • Guardians: Are a peaceful alien species from a peaceful planet in a distant solar system within the Milky Way.

  • Minot ETC: Similar to Area 51, and Wright Patterson AFB, Minot ETC (Extra Terrestrial Compound), is an elite top secret government installation run by OETCC, hidden beneath ICBM missile silo's near Minot, ND. Admission of OETCC's existence by the United States Government is on a need to know basis.

  • MUFON:  Mutual UFO Network

  • Nuur: Is a planet located in the galaxy Sagittarius; our next closest galaxy.

  • Nuur-ians: Nuurians are alien entities from the Planet Nuur, also known as the Grays.

  • O-bo-li-an: Obolians are another alien species, who's DNA was pillaged by the Grays causing their extinction.

  • OETCC: Office of Extraterrestrial Command and Control, a classified top secret government agency.

  • Pod-mo-nia: Podmonia are an alien insect species from the planet Nuur, similar to earth's cockroach.

  • SEAS: Severe Environmental Allergy Syndrome, a mysterious illness which is usually detected in the aftermath of a UFO swarm.

  • SETI: Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence


  • Goiyans are a short species, but taller and huskier than the Guardians. They have small eyes and mouths that appear even smaller because of their bulbous lumpy heads and wide chins. Much like a Santa’s beard, the Goiyan chin is pliable and soft, but huge. The Goiyan women’s chins are half the size of the males. Goiyans’ adoration and loyalty to their wives is legendary in our Galaxy.

  • The tall Grays are known as the abductors. They have tall, very thin, large, almond-shaped, non-reflective black eyes. They have small mouths and a slightly raised nose, with slits for nostrils. Their hands have three long fingers and an opposing thumb. Telepathy is their primary method of communication. They are not allowed to show emotion.

  • Guardians are small species from the Planet Welcome. They are a light milky gray, with large eyes and pupils, four fingers and an opposing thumb. Very childlike in size and enthusiasm toward humans. Most Guardians are bald.


  • Goi: This is planet is rich in vital minerals and metals. They take pride in their indestructible dwellings, their technology and weapons. They believe that their strength creates peace.

  • Nuur: This planet’s cities are in large pyramid structures or domes, due to sporadic strong seismic activity and hurricane-like storms.

  • Welcome: Lushly covered in forest, much of the population lives on the opulent Ring of Cities, which float several miles above the surface. 


  • Galactic Union:  Planets dedicated maintaining peace in the universe. They share technology and weapons for the protection of all planets in the union. 

  • Gray Guardians:  A group of humans guided by the Guardians protecting Earth from the Grays. 

  • OETCC:  Office of Extraterrestrial Command and Control. This was a US government agency set in motion covertly by the Grays. Humans worked with the Grays covering up any UFO sightings and spreading disinformation to the public. Often called Men In Black they believed they were on a mission to save mankind.

  • United Alliance of Planets:  The Alliance governs and regulates trade between planets.